Use Direct Mail to Activate the Online Experience

Millennials may spend 6 hours per week shopping online.

If you are hearing about the value of direct mail in an online world but struggle with how to use it, here are some things to consider as a launching point.

There will be estimated 73 million millennials in 2019. If you want them to notice you, they need to know you exist. You must grab their attention and one way to do this is to use direct mail to activate the online experience. The tangible, often personalized physical experience of direct mail makes it a great tool for grabbing attention.

According to performance marketing agency Merkle, marketing campaigns that used direct mail and one or more digital media experienced a 118 percent lift in response rate compared to using direct mail only. The key is to use direct mail as the vehicle that drives the entire omnichannel marketing experience.

Here are a couple of ways to consider getting started with direct mail as a part of your omnichannel marketing strategy.

You could start with a brand awareness approach and introduce them to your brand and nudge them online to learn more for starters. An article by Total Retail states, “When a customer holds a piece of your mail in their hands, it creates strong impressions on the brain, establishing an anchor for your brand experience.”

 You can take a more direct sales approach by including product/service discounts or free shipping offers on their order.

While millennials prefer to shop online, they still do buy in brick and mortar outlets and these same concepts can be applied to draw them in.

Either way, using direct mail as one of the first touchpoints is great for driving website traffic, and from following up from there with a combination of email, social media ads, banners, etc. will help drive conversions.

While we don’t do all the of the omnichannel platforms that are available, we do one channel well. If you are missing out and you would like to add direct mail to your existing mix, we are ready to help.