First-Class Presort

First-Class Presort

first class presort

As postal rates continue to increase, Go Direct can help you capture USPS automation discounts and provide you with the most dependable and cost-effective courier service all under one roof.

Presorting and Metering services grew out of the need for business mailers to capture USPS discounts and cut costs associated with mail.

We service all size businesses from large companies to local small businesses. We can also help to eliminate costly meter fees and maintenance by metering your mail with our equipment. It takes not only the investment of the equipment but also your payroll hours to meter your mail in house.

Allowing us to handle both your metered and non-metered mail can be a cost-effective solution for both problems. Let us focus on your mail so you can focus on your business.

Whether you have daily transactional mail or monthly/quarterly correspondence, Go Direct can help with all your mail needs. We stay abreast of changes in postal regulations through continued training and education. Our expertise, accessibility and commitment to service have provided the foundation upon which we have grown, expanded and diversified over the years to meet our customer needs.

Once the mail is metered, we use MLOCR machines that barcode and sort each piece of mail qualifying them for lower postage rates. We commingle and presort your mail to achieve volume discounts and pass the savings on you.

Outsource your outgoing business daily, weekly or monthly mail. Get free pick up. Lower your postage cost and get faster, more accurate delivery of your mail.