Targeted Lists

Targeted Lists

Whether you’re looking to acquire new customers or expand the lifetime value of existing ones, it is essential to utilize this data to create focused, cost-effective marketing campaigns. You’ll see a positive ROI by sending only to those most likely to be interested in your message, and save money by sending less mail.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to developing the list that gets you in front of right people for your business. Demographics such as age, income, net worth, hobbies and lifestyles are no problem. Geographic lists targeting certain areas or a list of people who just moved into your area are other examples. As for business lists, demographics like occupations, specific industries, employee size, yearly sales levels, and executive contacts are all available for your next mailing. If needed, some lists have an option for you to get phone numbers and/or email addresses.

We have assembled a large vendor team of list compilers that bring you top quality lists for any business or consumer demographic. Going directly to the source ensures the latest information at the most competitive pricing.

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