Why Yes I Do Need More Volunteers, Tell Me More!

How to Recruit New Volunteers for Your Organization

Recruiting volunteers

Many nonprofit organizations rely not just on financial contributions but also on those who give of something just as important, their time. Efforts and resources are focused on increasing contributions, a similar focus should be placed on growing the base of volunteers.

Failing to often leads to overutilization of those who are committed to the cause resulting in volunteer dropout. A strong marketing plan for your nonprofit’s volunteer core is a way to smooth out those peaks and valleys or grow that base to expand the mission.

Here are some key tips to consider as you make your plan.

Just as reoccurring gifts are highly beneficial financial resources so are volunteers who show up regularly. Design your program to ask for a systematic, scheduled response like one weekend a month for example. Have multiple options with flexible volunteer commitments to match up with individual’s available time and preferences much like you would do based on their financial and giving preferences.

Have options for organizations as well as individuals.

The reasons to give dollars are the same reasons to give time. Don’t focus on what you need as an organization but on what you do. In today’s culture belonging to an organization does not resonate nearly as well as supporting a cause. This is especially true of millennials.

Set clear expectations of what working as a volunteer looks like. People do not like surprises. If the expectation is for them to do something they are not comfortable doing, they will not be back. Use you’re marketing to tell the volunteer story just as you would describe the mission of the organization.

Make it clear how they volunteer, what are the steps, who is the contact.

Like all good marketing, do it regularly. Use all of your existing marketing channels, just make it another chapter in the same story. Go Direct can help you grow your volunteer base by using our tried and true approach, call us at 800-624-5449 or click here to get started today.

The value of volunteers on a per hour basis is $24.69 according to Independent Sector, a valuable resource indeed.